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Lord, help me.

I did not just sleep until 1 in the afternoon. Please, someone, tell me that this is not the case.

I realize that I was up until 2:30 writing blog entries for my news blog (because I wanted to have more time [ha ha!] for other things today), but I shouldn't have slept until 1. Dan called me at 9, and I was feeling good. Semi-awake, semi-asleep. I could've gone either way. I clearly chose the wrong one.

I'm so cranky with myself. It doesn't seem like I have too much to do. Except when you read the fine print.

To Do
  • One more blog entry for news blog
  • Re-read and edit magazine stories
    1. E-mail request for second draft
    2. Recieve and edit said draft.

  • Edit Style Gude to include and re-upload to Yahoo! group page.
  • Winners v Sinners for Reporting on the Arts (2 pgs.)
  • Chris Hewitt "basics" interview skeleton, whatever that means.
  • Continue to read & annotate Make No Law by Anthony Lewis (248 pages), due Tuesday.

    In between 50 page segments I'm allowing myself to do something odd or diverting, just following in impulse. This book is so dead boring, and I know New York Times v. Sullivan, so reading a book about it is just redundant and irritating. Anyway, progress bullets!
    1. pages 0-50
    2. pages 50-100
    3. pages 100-150
    4. pages 150-200
    5. pages 200-248
    6. Type final annotation

  • Revise Court Story, due Tuesday
  • Write Local Government Story, due Tuesday
  • Re-read Jeanne's comments on my play proposal & create skeleton for rewrite/discussion, due Tuesday.
  • Eat.
  • Breathe.
  • Shower.
  • Be driven slowly mad by the beauty of the weather outside, and the fact that I do not have time to romp in it.

Anyway, there you have it. And though I'm very well rested, I could have used those four hours of sleeping-time, thanks very much.

At least I woke up to Faith making beignetes. She only woke up about 45 minutes before I did. We are so made of win today, and we're both very cranky with ourselves about it. There's a lot of crank in this room, but at least there are pastries.

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