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Okay, what?

Someone in our building is listening to the Backstreet Boys so loudly I can almost make out the lyrics. I don't even care that the music is kind of loud. It's Saturday night. I do care that it's the freaking Backstreet Boys. This is not acceptable. We're in 2007, people. Get with the times. We have Chris Brown now. Cripes.

So, I didn't do my homework. I decided I needed a break, so Faith and I went and saw The Departed, and I am so upset right now.

I heard it was a phenomenal movie. I don't really care about Matt Damon, like... at all. He's a mediocre actor with mediocre looks. He's passable in police roles, but even in this one I was rolling my eyes at some of his hokey shifty-eyes across the bull pen during "tense moments." Also, Jack Nicholson scares me. I understand he's a gifted actor, but the fact that he can get into his characters is not a little horrifying. I was excited to see Leonardo DiCaprio continue to prove that he can, in fact, be a serious actor without sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic a la Titanic. For the record, I will not be at all upset if he wins 'Best Actor.' He was amazing in this film.

To be fair, the film wasn't all bad. Undercover cop thrillers aren't usually my cup of tea, but every now and again I get in the mood, or one will surprise me. It's got your usuals. Suspense, suspicion, gratuitous violence, tense moments with the mob boss, etc. It's not an incredibly brilliant plot, and the use of technology was excrutiatingly lame. Seriously, guys. Mr. & Mrs. Smith have better gadgets and technological know-how than the entire Boston police force and the FBI. However, I will concede that if they had simply stuck a GPS chip in Leo's ear, there wouldn't have been as much opportunity for skulking around shady areas with guns just wondering if it's his "time."

For the most part, the film had me! I will admit that I was a bit put off by the excessive and graphic head-shots (and I'm not talking about macro-focused camera-angles, folks). I was, at one point, distracted by the beauty of Leonardo's smoke rings, and lost myself wondering how many packs of cigarettes were smoked in the making of this film. No word on that from IMDB... yet.

But here's where it lost me. I was cool until Matt Damon got a cap in his cranium. I was all set to go and accept the fact that man, shit happens. Sometimes the good guys get screwwed. Gotta break a few eggs, and all that. But no. When Damon got popped, the movie crashed. There was no point. My time had officially been wasted.

I know, I know... the whole notion of "evening the scales" should kick in. He was a bad, bad man and he totally deserved it. A lot of people, both good and bad, died because of him. But no, we're still not even, Steven. The score is not settled, because justice was not served. The FBI or whatever is still using mob men, and allowing them to do their dirty deeds... and an innocent young cop who just wanted to make it honest, and an established captain were killed. Furthermore, a cop who may have been a good guy was driven to murder by nothing more than vengance.

And for what? The hero got his posthumous reward. The mob guy was out of the picture, and his whole posse was dead. Yeah, good people died. Yeah, the crooked cop was still livin' his life in relative peace and harmony, though he lost his pretty little fiancee. Whatever, he might have learned his lesson. You got that impression. The damage had been done, the price had been paid, and things were going to be O.K. Except for that final bullet, which killed the last link to the case, the last reason for any of it to matter.

The ending was so ungratifying. It was completely on par with Stienbeck's Of Mice and Men, which I still maintain is one of the worst books of all time. "Rocks fall, everyone dies" is just a cop-out for the writer who can't work through the kinks and find some semblance of a conclusion.

I don't ever want to see this movie again.

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