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Keep me focused, keep me in line...

Time for a tee-oh dee-oh. Otherwise, I will most assuredly forget something. I'm bribing myself too. If I can get 2/3rds of this list done with, I'll let myself load up the legit WarCraft III and play on Battlenet. Time to buckle down!

To Do
  • Re-write interview story 'cause the file is gone. :(
  • Send it off with last week's clip file.
  • Write 500 word Mag story
  • Re-read Lieutenant of Inishmore (for the fourth time. 0_0)
  • Begin writing proposal for staging Lieutenant of Inishmore without incorporating 5+ gallons of stage blood.
  • Write for news blog.
  • Write again for news blog.
  • Write up clip file on Lieutenant, perhaps?
  • Read lecture slides from Commlaw. [not yet available...]
  • Revise Swan Review
  • Mock the beagle.
  • Read 35 pages in Blue Like Jazz [Wait, this is more 'fun' than necessary. Does this count?]
  • Relax.
  • Sleep.

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