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Oh what a "To Do", to die today...

At a minute or two to Tuesday. Migraine Tuesday. Mmm. Delish.

I really think the high and low pressure systems are just trying to torment me today. I saw it coming in the distance. This large and in charge, 31 barometric pressure High Pressure system hovering above me. I knew it couldn't last. I knew the Canadians would send down a barrage of snow at any second. Lo and behold, two days later, the front sweeps by and my head s'plodes.

Nevertheless! There are things to be done! No time to sit and wallow in agony. Nay, I will turn the contrast on my screen way down, plug my ears, lay in bed with some tea, and bang out some work - seeing as I can't go to class. I get woozy if I stand for too long, and the slightest sound hits me like a bullet to the brain.

Tuesday's 'To Do'
  • Send e-mails to every single student in the theater mag class.
  • E-mail professors about potential make-up work.
  • E-mail free-write to Jeanne
  • E-mail Joel and Jeanne II about the structure of Wednesday's class, and other classes.
  • E-mail Management Team with Liz's suggestion.
  • E-mail Management Team once professors respond with class outline.
  • Research Border Venues Feature
  • Revise Blab Sheet
  • Write review of The Swan
  • Write query letter for Magazine Editing & Production
  • Read for TH4178
  • Read Harper & Row Publishers, Inc. v. Nation Enterprises, 471 U.S. 539 (1985)
  • Review text for JOUR5174
  • Get caught up on other readings.

Yay. All this with a migraine. *sigh* Whatever. Let's go.

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