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I <3 techno music.

I hate ongoing assignments though. We have to keep a news blog for my Public Affairs Reporting class, and I don't wanna. I really loathe PA reporting. I think it's dead dull and there are maybe seven people in any given area that actually give half a damn. I need three entries by the end of each week... and I'm not allowed to "News Roundup" it and bring any fun, spunky attitude to the table. I have to "paraphrase for the online media" and why? Just... why?

Presumably, the public doesn't need the blogger to translate the "news text" into a news-lite format. If they do, then that's a sign that PA reporting fails at life and should cease to exist, plzkthxdie.

At any rate, as an antidote to this assignment... and this blog which I am about to embark upon, I have created a corresponding community, spade_news, which is where I will take my creative, snarky liberties. I will not be censored, oh no.

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