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In which I discuss what is currently in my mouth...

I love food, guys. It's true. Eating is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.

I also looooove sushi. I am drawn to it like a moth to the flame. I can't resist. So when I found out that there's a sushi joint literally right next door to Tiger Oak, I almost squeeled with uncooked glee. I've been daydreaming about sushi all week.

Now my time has come and... there is nothing more orally disappointing than mediocre sushi. And to be fair, I haven't tried the Eel yet (because Eel is my absolute favorite and if it is anything less than satisfying I will kill) but the California roll practically fell apart on me! It's completely bland, there's too much rice. And I mean, I got the Cali-roll as a "just in case" good ol', safe standby! The spicy salmon isn't horrible, but it certainly isn't fabulous. I could've gotten this at the sushi-deli at my grocery store.

In short:

Hey, Wasabi? You need to kick up your game. Just sayin'. Snazzy as your interior is, the food is lacking and there are several different restaurants in this fine city that are more than capable of picking up that slack.

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