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Sometimes reading for school can be enjoyable...

I sometimes forget how much I love theater and poetry. I have found a few moments when the two come together, and each time it's the ultimate satisfaction. It's an all-encompassing catharsis. Every emotion is sated, every muscle is relaxed, and content to be still and calm. It feels like falling in love.

I just finished reading The Swan, by Elizabeth Egloff. Scene 18 is a monologue, and it is sensual and gorgeous. I think it might be my favorite monologue of all time. It's pure, fragmented, free-verse, prose poetry and it's incredibly powerful. It really resonated with me, and I feel compelled to share it with you. I can't wait to see it on stage.

The Swan: Scene 18

Night. Dora alone. She is holding the white dress.

        And that was how it started. I wanted you to touch me, and so I made you. The ice cracked. Like thunder, like an earthquake, the ice separated under my feet and
        Help me, Hold me, I'm caught in my body. I'm dying inside my body but your love could set me free and I want so much to be free
        Somewhere in another country a field of white a valley of lovelessness ...I turned and felt the weight of you, your ribs and your struggle, the pressure of your heart racing, my ears pounding and your breath fell in my ear all wet like a fog, and too late for second thoughts because we were running, we were running together as fast as we could and suddenly your wings busted through the ice, the glacier tumbled and separated from the land, the water broke beneath us and forget the water you were with me and you held me in your arms and you held me and and and
        What is love? Why do we do it? It defies the law of gravity.
        The next thing I remember was there was no sound anywhere, nowhere in the world was there a sound except for the spinning sound, like the whirring of the universe the moment you grabbed me, and you fixed your terrible eye on me, it was like a hammer.

- - -

And isn't that just beautiful?

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