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I'm a launderer...

So, those of you who have been with me for awhile know that I hate doing laundry. It is my all-time, least favorite chore and I will go to great lengths to avoid it. There are reasons beyond the tedium. Laundry Day is a very dangerous day for me.

I have no idea what it is about textiles, soap, and quarters but they are the essential ingredients for peril. In the past, I have broken my toe. I once had a flowerpot fall on my head. Today, I'm bleeding.

The door swung back at me faster than I was expecting, and I caught my hand on the door latch... and it scraped right across my knuckles, tearing my delicate flesh. Furthermore, the smack rammed the laundry basket into my hip. It might be bruised.

Suffering through laundry is God's way of reminding us that we were supposed to live naked.

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