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First Day Frets

So... I'm here on my lunch break at Tiger Oak, and I am terrified. I realize it's my first day, but it's taken me since 9:30 to work my way through fact checking 8 little department front pieces... and I'm still not done with them.

I feel so slow and idiotic. I don't know if I'm even going to make it onto the other two stories I have to check. How long does this normally take? I don't even know. I'm completely alone. I'm not even by the other interns. I'm sequestered in a tiny corner next to the scanner, and my boss is right across the room.

And now the e-mail is down, the restaurants I have to call back are all too busy with lunch to talk to me, and I'm technically on lunch break with 25 minutes left... so I shouldn't be doing anything anyway... but I feel so behind.

I just... can't get a feel for this place or the pace here. I'm working on the spring issue, so clearly this stuff doesn't have to be done today or else zomg, but I'm clearly still in newspaper mode. Also, half the folks seem to be donning straight-up business attire... while others sport jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. I'm confused. Lost, dazed, and confused.

I keep trying to tell myself that in my defense, it's my first day... I didn't even get the style sheet until I got here, let alone the basic intern orientation documents... but, ugh. Man, I wanted to be a whiz at this.

Who needs a drink?

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