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wasting my time...

whatever the hell color this is...Ian got his letter today! I'm so glad! I called him and he had just got out of the shower and his mom threw the letter at him and he almost jumped out of his towel. muhahahaha.

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It was nice being able to at least hear Ian's reaction to his letter. =] He loved the new anklet and happily informed me that it was more than long enough this time. He laughed at the card. A genuine, heartfelt, laugh. I havent heard that out of him in awhile. Then he was snorting - literally snorting the letter - because I spritzed it with my perfume. It was cute but I think he likes it a bit too much. That's okay though, I'm the same way with his cologne.

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He loved the collage and I'm so glad. He was laughing and pointing out all the things that really stuck out with him. He's like, "It's all here! Down to the Icebreakers Gum!!!" His mom jumped on the phone just to say it was cute and really cool. I'm so glad that he was genuinely happy for a few minutes. Last night he scared me so much. He hadnt eaten all day and had heat exhaustion and eeek... but he was better this morning. Then he got the letter. He read it all and now the collage is on his wall, the anklet on his ankle(imagine that), and the card is on his fridge. I wonder when his letter will get here.

"The little cute things you do are worth so much more than anything you could buy and they remind me just how much I love you." - Ian Grant
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