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OMG, it's techno music!

So, since I got my album today I decided it would be good to share it with one and all. This is, for the time being, my favorite electronic album. orangedust, I think you need this. djbiomechanic, same goes for you. Oh, and 1great_escape... well, you know what I'm going to say.

1. Honey I Got Rhythms I Haven't Used Yet
2. Cold Sweet Fast
3. Playing Our Song
4. Loser On Drum Machine
5. Don't Stop Haven't Yet
6. Makes No Sense to Me
7. How it Sound
8. Bonus Beat
9. Cheap Recordings Beat Mode Mix
10. Electro Academy
11. Dong Dong Boom Boom
12. My Style
13. Ambient Stupidity
14. Lavern and Shirly

Download Instrumental Pills by Eddie Def the Last Kreep (zipped)

As always, comment if you're taking, & let me know what you think!

Also, as a note of musical interest. David Bowie turned 60 today, and he's still an attractive man. I still kind of can't believe he's that old, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't appreciate me blathering on about it. Anyway... Happy birthday, David!

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