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No post on Sundays?!

I hate the days after an or eBay purchase. Y'know, that couple of weeks in which you struggle with the knowledge that your newly acquired good could arrive at any moment. You hope it's sooner than later, but you still have that little voice in the back of your mind grumbling, "That seller better get on it! They only have 10 days left before I report them and demand a refund!"

I'm waiting on a book and a rare, imported CD, and I want them now. I've lived 21 years comfortably without them, but separation anxiety is starting to set in and it's only getting worse. I've become a mail checking fiend.

Ah, well. No post on Sundays. I did have a migraine this morning that lasted well into the afternoon. It was only about a 6.8 on the cranial richter scale, but it was a persistant sucker. It's gone now, though, so I suppose I should figure out what I'm doing with myself this fine evening.

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