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In the event of an unavoidable eventuality...

I was just reading some copy that read, "in the event we happen to come upon the predicted inevitable eventuality, and assuming it results directly in a negative return we shall need a plan of recourse."

My brain is weeping bitterly. Ow. That is not good, professional writing. All that jargon is meaningless and confusing. All one really needs to say is, "look guys, there's a predicted crapstorm on the horizon, how should we deal with it/prepare?"

In other news, I've been working and reworking my resume and various cover letters ... customizing them to the internships that really matter. Unfortunately, I also need to access my clips... which are saved in Adobe PDF files. My laptop doesn't do PDFs, and it hasn't for quite some time. I tried re-installing the program, and my computer died. Now I can't even open them, and I had to take a 2 hour long break to keep myself from crying.

Ugh. It's so frustrating too when the only articles you have are disappointing anyway just because the publication was a small-town disaster. I mean... I have the original copy, and I can prove that the podunk editor introduced punctuation errors, but it's published which means it's worth more than the really great story I wrote for class, put hours of research into, and wasn't able to successfully pitch to a mag. I'm a good writer. My clips don't show it though, and it's not my fault. My samples prove it, but they aren't published so it's just a horrible trap.

Seriously, there's nothing like application day to make you feel hopeless.

I just... I really don't want to get another "for now/in school" part-time, minimum-wage, crap-job. I want an internship, and now. I want to start working in my field. I've been paying so much money, and learning all the tools and I want to start using them. I don't care if I'm writing, editing, or even just fact-checking. I feel like if I don't get in now, I never will.

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