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I ain't seen the sun shinin' since... 3:30 this afternoon.

Back in the cities, and I couldn't be happier. Well... I could be, but whatever. I'm glad to be home, sleeping in my bed, and just relaxing.

I did make it up for New Year's, and we had a great time. Swing dancing, talking with fellow geeks about geeky things, watching people try to drive through the Blizzard of Doom. It was a good night, and I'm glad I risked my life on the treacherous roads just to be there. Live on the edge, I say.

On New Year's Day I saw Dreamgirls with worthyopponent. The film editing and the costume design, and even the set design was just phenomenal. As a piece, however, I was confused by it. It didn't seem like there was a plot to follow, and I didn't really understand why the film had to feel like a musical, instead of an adaptation. Some of the songs seemed really forced and I actually kind of loathe the "We are a family, I need you" bit. It just... it's a different medium and I felt like they really wavered too much between trying to make it a film, and trying to make it a musical. There wasn't much blending. More of a ... "we'll film these scenes tomorrow but oh, right! We're working with a musical so we better stick a song in.... here. With back-up dancers and chintz. Yeah, that's how they do it on the stage, right?"

Also, this musical is based on Diana Ross, right? But the movie was channeling Tina Turner and I just... I guess I was expecting a biopic and I still don't really know what I got. Jennifer Hudson though... whew! Girl got soul. Her voice rocked my world.

Oh and today... the rent has been paid, the resume has been polished, and tomorrow there will be mass mailing and downhill skiing! Huzzah!

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