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I blare music to pass the time.

Honey, I got rhythms I haven't used yet. You might get to see them in this foul year of our Lord, 2007. Speaking of the big '07, it has uh... started off with a bang or two.

Denver Bronco's 24-year-old Cornerback, Darrent Williams, was shot and killed.

Indonesian plane disappears on New Years, wreckage is discovered in the mountains. Only 12 survive. ... Except maybe not? WTF? How could you possibly, and why would you, lie about something like this?

Either way, about 400 Indonesians are missing due to a capsized ferry. Indonesia is not having a good year so far.

UFO visited Chicago/O'Hare airport in November, and we're *just* starting to talk about it. It must be a slow news day if we're digging up stories from November. Seriously though, I can't believe no one busted out a cell phone to get a shitty, pixellated picture of it.

Oh, and half of Kansas, a good portion of Nebraska, and Oklahoma's panhandle are all out of electricity for the next couple of days, thanks to the blizzard of doom. Good times, y'all. Good times.

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