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It's my Friday, and I'll spam if I want to!

c/o thefridayfive

1. Are you related to anyone famous or do you have any famous friends? If so, who? Well... vaguely famous. My cousin John Bush is a comedian and he traveled the world with Howie Mandel. Still, not a house-hold name or anything.

2. Do you have any autographs or memorabilia?
Hah... I used to have Hanson autographs and Moffatts autographs, but then I sold them on eBay to rabid fangirls. Now I have autographs of Stomp, Ben Kweller, and Douglas Adams.

3. If you could meet any 3 celebrities who would they be?
Hmmm. Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert, and Johnny Depp.

4. What would you want to be famous for doing?
Being a really bitchin' renegade journalist who also happens to write best-selling novels.

5. Who's the most annoying celebrity?
Britney Spears. Hands down.

and ack_attack's hp_fridayfive:

1. What was your first reaction to the announcement of the title Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? "Blech! Is that really the best she could come up with?! Jeez, J.K. fails at titles! Also, DEATHLY?! Her editor let her keep deathly?!"

2. In your opinion, what could this title mean? Well, grammatically, it's worthless. Deathly is a horrible excuse for a modifier, and literally means "fatal" (which would have been a better, more dramatic choice anyway. UGH!). Hallows, on the other hand, isn't a noun in American English. The closest I can figure is it's a take off of "All Hallows' Eve" which is in regards to "spirits." Hallows, however, has sacred connotations and in England apparently refers to saints1. So! The best I can figure it, we've got, "Harry Potter and the Fatal Sacred Spirit/Saint." Which... whatever. It still doesn't mean anything. Then again, the last book was basically "Harry Potter and the Snape" so...

1 I'd like to give a thank you and a shout out to the Oxford English Dictionary.

3. Would you rather see Book 7 released sometime in the summer of 2007, or would you like to stretch this last one out as long as possible? If this really is the last book ever, I want her to take her time and make it perfect, 'cause if it isn't... I will throw a gigantic stink. I'm fine with delayed gratification, but this is kind of a critical moment in fandom and we really can't have her botch it because of some ludicrous deadline.

4. You can ask JK Rowling one yes or no question regarding Book 7. What do you ask her? Is Snape really teh ev0l?

5. If you had to guess, do you think Harry will survive the final book? Why or why not? Oh, I don't know. Maybe he will, because it is still sort of a children's series, but then again it's possible that both he and Voldie will have to die just to set the world back to equilibrium. Plus I thought I remembered J.K. saying something about making it so Harry can't be brought back or whatever after she's done, dead and gone. Which, psshhhawww.

And now we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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