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So This Is Christmas?

Bullshit! I call bullshit! There is no snow, it feels like September and my parents didn't even put up the damn tree! This is not my family! Bullshit! It's bullshit!

My Christmas spunk has been brutally murdered. *le sigh*

In lieu of the bullshit and my shattered soul, I decided to just give my brother his present early as there was no tree to put it under. I hadn't even wrapped it, but it was alright... he hadn't wrapped mine either. I got him PotC II because I am a good sister and because my mother wanted me to give him a hat. Hahahahhaha-no. Needless to say, he likes my idea waaaay more.

My brother got me my own, legitimate copy of Warcraft III! So I can delete the bastard version on my laptop, and load in the new, and play online whenever I want which means I will never, ever get anything done ever again.

My brother = WINNAR.

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