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Should stupidity be punishable by death? You decide!

Blech. I am sick. :( I feel like I have mucus spikes in the back of my throat, which makes my throat feel weird and my stomach feel angry. Help? I really don't wanna be sick, yo.

In other news, I spent my morning on Yahoo! Answers... and there are some really dumb people on the intarwebs, y'all. I go on there from time to time to ask for advice on fish-care1, and I return it in kind by telling everyone all I know about training dogs or any other tricks and turns I learned from being a veterinary assistant.

But people ask the stupidest questions. For example:
  1. I was walking my dog when a guy in a car rolled down his windown and yelled "Stupid b*tch." What should I do?
  2. I want a dog that costs $600.00 but my parents said no 'cause we don't have the money?
  3. My hamster?
  4. What do they have?
  5. Why dog bites and ***** don't bite explain with good suggestions?
  6. If my dog has ears does a slug have ears i think all animals have them?

You get the picture. It's almost hopeless, but I think this could be taken advantage of. If, say, you ask three incontrovertably stupid quesions in a row, we get to kill you. Clean out the gene pool. What do you think?

1 I noticed last night that Theo has white ... I guess I'd call it fuzz... growing on the very tips of his bottom fin. I've been treating his water for Ich ever since I brought him back from the pet store (which, in my opinion, you should always do unless you're buying from a really good breeder), but I'm worried it could be fungus. I was told, however, it could also just be Theo's fins growing and he doesn't seem to be in any form of distress. Anyway, I'm going to change his water today... give him a closer, cleaner, inspection and probably add some anti-fungal meds to his agua. Any betta owners have any experience with this one?

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