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DAMN! It uh... it feels good to be a ... how do you say, "gangsta."

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I FINISHED MY POTBELLY ARTICLE AND IT'S VAGUELY 1,200 WORDS AND IT'S BRILLIANT. I feel like a mo'fuggin rockstar. I really kind of pulled that puppy out of nowhere. Maybe there is hope for me after all.

I'm so excited for today. mattador is on his way here right. now. It's a gorgeous day, and I think we should take a stroll around the lake and/or the sculpture garden and we can frolic merrily hither and thither! Maybe we'll go bowling. Or we could play frisbee, 'cause it's like 50 degrees outside... which 0_o. Wtf? Like, thanks I guess, 'cause I hate cold with no snow... but dudes Christmas is 9 days away. What gives? I want my damn white Christmas, Nature. There are very few times I expect you to put out, but December 25th is one of 'em.

Also, holy crap. All I have to do is finish my editing exam and take my Design & Tech II final and I am done. I'm so ready. *bounce squee*

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