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wind it up, baby!

Snail mail is such a freakin understatement. Why don't they call it Takes-as-Long-as-a-Techtonic-Plate-does-to-Shift mail? Ian sent his letters over a week ago and they're still not here. Oy vaii! I hope the nutter of a postman didn't nick 'em or something. That necklace I got Ian never got there. I'm still a tad upset about that. I mean jeez, it's not like it was made of anthrax.

I sent Ian a letter today. At least I know it'll get to him tomorrow. Global priority ROCKS! I felt bad because he said that i'd been kinda bitchy to him a few days ago. (damn hormones... sometimes I hate being female) He's been calling me about 5 times a day too which is so sweet and I havent been able to call him as much because of my stupid 'rentals. So I sent him a 4 page letter, a card(it's awesome. it has two cities on the front and it says, "Shelby is in cambrige. Ian is in Ignace." open it up and it says, "Damn it." ;]), a new anklet because the other one was too small, and a collage of all the stuff that reminds me of him. I mangled about 7 seventeen magazines and three Yahoo Insider magazines, took about three hours, and put together a pages worth of everything! I really hope he likes it. It has everything in it all the way down to the Dippin' Dots Ice Cream we had at Noah's Ark. We were talking about our favorite things that we have done together and we decided on Noah's Ark. Partially because it's a waterpark which was bound to be fun, but mostly because it was the only day we were really alone. It was the only one-on-one day we had down here and it was so fun being able to just spend the day walking around and talking with him. In a swimsuit even better! I miss him so much, but I love him. It's kind of pathetic because he's really all I think about now. At least it's reciprocated. God, he's so perfect.

I went to "A Penny for a Song" at the American Players Theater and it was so fun! Brilliant acting and I loved it so much. Caitlin and I had the greatist bout of monty-python-isms afterwards too. Yesterday was a brilliant day.

He almost bought me our wedding ring set. . | . He bought me my one-year-anniversary present though. . | . He wants to buy me a duck.
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