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I do yoga, but does that really make me a "yogi"?

Man, nothing makes me feel out of the loop quite like Urban Dictionary. When did I become one of the old fogees who isn't up on the hip lingo? I'm only 21.

In other news, my whoroscope told me to do yoga today... so I did. I feel like putty. Happy putty. Except for my shoulders. My shoulders feel like death. Damn you, downward facing dog!

No seriously, I have really bad joints and my shoulders are probably the worst of them. Okay, no... they are the worst. They dislocate sometimes, they crack all the time, and I've been told they should be operated on unless I'm willing to do physical therapy. I go through periods of really devoting myself to physical therapy, and then being a lazy git that calls walking to class exercise. So... here's to hoping I really get in the swing of it and stay there? I really enjoy yoga... and I think I definitely needed it this afternoon. Well done, Whoroscope. You were spot on.

In other news, I think I'm going to the club tonight... so I should probably get in the shower and get wet and hotter. Y'know... so fresh and so clean, clean?

P.S. I fucking hate the new livejournal update screen. Hellooooooooooooo Semagic.

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