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aither_nyx and virtuistic here. We are enjoying a wonderful afternoon tea-time and chat... and decided, after reading this article [oui, en francais], we decided that yes, of course someone should be allowed to take an oath with the Koran instead of the bible. We think it would be a more sincere vow. What do you think?

We would also like to take a break to fill out this meme that I ganked from my flist together. Two heads are better than one, and all that. Prepare for wisdom beyond compare.

1. Life is... a bitch. But so are we!
2. Love is... damn complicated, but worth it. See also: irritating. [But occasionally divine: definition]
3. God is... up there, and we're pretty sure he's not happy with what humanity is accrediting to him.
Note: We like your Christ. We don't like your Christians. They are nothing like your Christ.
4. The perfect weather is... not here right now. Try back in a few months when the sun comes out again.
5. The best sport is... swimming, at night, under moonlight. What?!
6. I'd We'd like to live in... the Mary Tyler Moore house. With the 9 bathrooms, many fireplaces, sauna, 12 bedrooms (at least), 2 laundry facilities, 2 kitchens, and a ballroom with 15 foot ceilings on the 3rd floor.
7. All I we want for Christmas is... hot mansexing? fine loving.
8. A dream come true would be... see above.
9. Vanilla ice cream is... booooooring, like vanilla sex.
10. I We prefer... questions to not be this vague.
11. Guys are...stupid but delectable. Them and their stupid boy penises.
12. Girls are... complicated. And occasionally extremely irritating.
13. I We would die for... lack of a better alternative.
14. I We regret... to inform you that we cannot disclose this information publicly at this time.
15. I We miss... summer and sunlight, mostly.
16. Money is... not in our bank accounts, but it's over-rated.
17. Beauty is... Diego Luna dancing. Actually... just dancing. Dancing is beautiful. So is art. And fine theater design. Oh, and entirely subjective.
18. Peace is... not that hard, guys. C'mon.
Note: The key: Don't be an asshole.
19. I We lied... when we said we weren't that drunk Friday night.
20. The root of all evil... We believe that perhaps evil is in fact the root of all evil. Something to do with that Satan guy.
21. The most interesting thing is... explicitly graphic.
22. Wars are started over... testosterone.
23. Life after death is... creepy yet comforting.
24. Homosexuality is... entirely natural. We wish people would accept this fact, realize that love is love, and get off their damn hetero-high horse.
24. Anger gives me us... the willpower to get up and kick some ass.
25. If I we could perform miracles, I we would... get people to stop being assholes.
26. I was We were most happy when... we were speaking in confidence. Now we feel exposed.
27. Tears signify... sadness! What else?
28. A smile is... less of a workout for your face muscles than say, frowning.
29. Change creates... excitment and challenge.
30. My Our first loves... are not anywhere near here.
31. In my our hearts there is... cold, black cynicism.
32. Blood... is for vampires?
33. My Our mothers... gave birth to us.
34. My Our fathers... are still married to our mothers.
35. My Our worst memories... are things of which we do not speak.
36. My Our best memory... skating at the Depot.
37. People interpret me us as... awesome.
38. I am We are best at... being late for class.
39. I We possess... tea. Lots of tea.
40. Nakedness is... so. much. fun.
41. Hope... can be problematic at times.
42. Dreams give... an insight into the soul!
43. A utopian world... would probably be a lot less interesting than this one.
44. Scars signify... pain. Pain and past battles.

And now we're off to class!

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