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Fortune cookie...

Okay, wtf. Faith and I just got back from the Eastar Buffet a little while ago. It was alright - not spectacular. We get fortune cookies and mine says:

Special touches have been planned with you in mind.

That's dirty. And kind of creepy. It even has my lucky number right. The hell? Whoroscope has been pretty suggestive too. Um. Bzuh? Apparently when December rolls around, I (and every other Aries on the planet) become a sexpot. Who knew?

Well, moving right along... I got a new fish today! His name is Theo, and he is very young. He's very handsome, and he even has some of the same colors as Bartleby. He is by no means replacing Bartleby, but he's filling the fish-sized gap in my heart.

Welcome, Theo!
[No jumping.]

And now I go back to lusting after Diego Luna. Wut? Don't look at me like that.

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