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My advisor double booked me...

So I woke up early this morning for nothing. This does not make me happy. Ah well. It gives me some time to work in some more work-out time.

I took a brisk jog around a few blocks... and I mean brisk because it was freezing cold. I think it's officially time to stick with the Tinturi bike and my yoga mat. Anyone here do yoga? I think I fail at it. I need some instruction. I also need to clean my fish's vase out, do some laundry[WOE. SUFFERING AND TOIL.], and get to work on my projects. I'm so thankful that I combined my two projects though. There's nothing quite like double-duty to make you feel productive.

In other news, splits_thesky gave me the letter "O" to work with, so here are 10 things I like beginning with "O":
  1. Origami
  2. Oldman, Gary
  3. Otters
  4. Onyx [it's so pretty!]
  5. Olives, all kinds.
  6. Oxygen
  7. Orgasms [Don't "omg, TMI" me. Everybody does. Shu'up.]
  8. Oolong Tea
  9. O Brother Where Art Thou?
  10. Onomatopoeias

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