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Hello, Thursday...

WHOROSCOPE: Meet up with foreigners or people who have beliefs that are different from yours.

Yeah... 'cause there are totally so many of those running around and therefore easily available for meeting at random. Anyway, since when do you give direct commands, Whoroscope? You better check yo'self quick, 'cause bitch you actin' out of place.

Bleugh. This morning blew chunks... literally. I took my medicine from the last upchuck extravaganza, and I feel better now. In fact, I'm starving. I'm trying to work up the nerve to go to the bank and to Jimmy John's but it's um... freezing ass cold outside, and I always feel bad making them drive to deliver one sandwich. Also, I don't really want to walk there 'cause my butt hurts? Like it's cramped? Standing and walking are kind of tedious and irritating because my butt hurts. I know. I don't get it either.

Bah. I just hope we don't have costume lab tonight. Pleeease, God. Pleeeease.

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Tags: body sabotage, cooties, foodstuffs, how's the weather?, whoroscope, wtf
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