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Oh the sweetness....

Arf! I am still sore from helping Tosha move. =[ I want her to come back. I really want Ian to come back too, I miss him so much. He's been calling me every day though. It's so sweeeeet! Yesterday he called me thrice. Not just once, thrice. I feel so loved.

How cruel is it, that the day after he leaves the radio plays our song?
... and now it's stalking me.

Speaking of stalking, I went to the mall with Brytne the other day and holy balls. Everywhere we went there were beaters filled with nappy looking "thugs" and they were all staring at us and a few tried to talk to us and one of them tried to get us to pull up next to them and follow them and we're just like... eeek!! again I say to thee...


We went and saw the Rookie at like 9:30 and I almost fell asleep because I really havent slept well in about 3 days. I did sleep last night though, so my insomniac streak may well be finished. I do hope so. I also hope that Ian calls me soon. Not to mention, pray that the 21st comes here quickly.

sexy boy...
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