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Evolve me a can opener.

Seriously, guys. My opposable thumbs are worthless. I've been trying to open my jar of french onion dip for like, 5 minutes, and all I've managed to do is give myself a hand cramp. Granted, I have the world's tiniest hands, but clearly evolution was wasted on me. Oww.

In other news, do you guys remember when I told you about that commercial manip I did for class? The one about child trafficking, and how you shouldn't do it?

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Heh. I love homework.

Note: As a point of interest, I really wanted to stick a "cha-ching" noise in there at some point... but I couldn't find a good sound-effect in time. Bummer, eh?
Note Mach II: The uploading process cut off parts of it and the sound didn't come out as well as I'd have liked, but whateva.

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