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Oh, Minnesota.

It feels so cold today. It's 21 degrees, but the wind chill brings it down to 9 and while I realize this is going to feel like coat-free weather in a few months, my toes are numb.

My car door froze open today. I unlocked it, climbed in, went to shut the door... and it bounced back. I checked all around the door frame, and couldn't see anything in the way so I tried to shut it again. No dice. I began looking for broken pieces on the ground, and couldn't find anything. At that point I realized I have no idea how car doors latch/on what, and I can't see a change when I push the lock button or pull the handle... so I panicked briefly, thinking I had broken some mechanism inside the door and would have to take the car to a body shop... but then I decided to just turn on the car, warm it up, and see if anything changed. It didn't immediately, and I had to pick up my white model, so I used my seatbelt to lash the door to the seat... kept it locked, and by the time I got to school it shut again. Go figure.

Clearly, Monday wasn't enough of a Monday for one week. Wednesday wants to get in on the action. Whatever. I have amazing pumpkin spice coffee, and I used egg nog as creamer 'cause I am awesome. I'm going to go back to reading Eragon and see if I can't start liking it again.

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