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i'm hallucinating... tee hee

oh the sprite... it burns. Arf, but eh, I need the rehydration because I can't see my veins. Come to think of it, I really can't see much of anything right now I'm so damn dizzy. Ian would shit a brick. I really want to talk to him though because I had a really bad dream that still has me all... freaked out like. See below for more details.

Ian is coming back down on the 21st!!!

The evil dream commences as such...Ian was driving my friend Carmen's car and somehow we were driving along the road where Jessi was killed and in the middle of the road there were like twelve differently shaped tombstones. we slammed on the brakes but we still hit a few but we went half over them and the floorboard where I was fell out. and so we turned around and somehow were at this creek that i've never seen before and we hit a puddle and I got all splashed and stuff and Ian thought it was funny and the next thing I know we've swerved and are headed for this algae encrusted swamp and the car half sinks in it and I almost drown. I get out to find Ian running away, I run to catch up to him. He turns around and he has three knives in him. (i was listening to knives out when I fell asleep...) One in his stomach, one sharp pointy half-knife thing through his lip, and one half knife sticking out of his cheek. I scream, obviously, and he tells me that they dont hurt and pulls out them out one by one. the one in his stomach comes out, no blood, completely clean but there is a hole in his skin only. The one in his lip mutates his lip and there are thin lines of blood where they came out - he whipes off the blood and it goes back to normal. and the one in his cheek comes out and just becomes a scratch. He gets this evil flash in his eye and then goes back to all normal like. He then snaps out of it and gives me this big hug and then holds his stomach where the knife was and tells me it's tender, still no bleeding. (he had stomach problems the last day he was here though... `shrug) then we went to kind of let me wash off all the algae in a little stream we found and then I found 5 crayons - all the primary collors, 2 red, 2 blue. I start to color with them on a rock and as I color with the blue and H forms. I color with the yellow and an E forms. Next are the two reds and I get double L's... and then last blue formed a backward L. Without me trying. And I woke up screaming. It scares the crap out of me and i've been weirded out all day and I couldnt get back to sleep after that. I tried listening to music, I read Sartor Resartus for 3 hours and nothing. so still gives me chills. i dont like it at all.

The family reunion was moderate. Kind of annoying but moderate. I'm so dehydrated though, I lost about 15 pounds just from sweating constantly. 96 every day without any chance of cooling off just sucks. And now i'm hallucinating... so i'm going to try to go to bed.
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