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This post is practically worthless!

Memes and oddities are a good way to wear off the migraine, eh?

Teh Sex Meme: [ganked from esc_azkaban]

Wow. I don't think I'm that depraved and/or perverted, really. It's probably just because I clicked "mindgames" as being "part of the fun." Sparingly, however, and kept almost entirely harmless.

Speaking of Seduction, December 22nd is Gobal Orgasm day, so you might want to practice breaking out the pheromones.

Teh I'm-Not-Girly-Wow-What-A-Big-Surprise Meme: [ganked from vaguelyclear]
Answer yes or no to the following questions and then convert (if you can be bothered) the number of yesses to a percentage and that's how girly you are!

1. Do you squeal in delight when you see a friend's new hair cut? No.
2. In the pub/club, do you always go to the bathroom with a friend? No.
3. At home, do you need more shelf space in the bathroom? Well, we have no shelves, but no.
4. Do you try on friend's shoes/clothes/accessories when you visit them at their home? No.
5. Do you know who your best friend's sister is dating? No.
6. Do you have a GHD? A what?!
7. Do you touch your make-up constantly? No.
8. Do you like fluffy things hanging from your rear view mirror? No. I had fuzzy handcuffs once, but that definitely doesn't count.
9. Do you put on a little girl voice when talking to male workers when asking them to help you? No.
10. Do you watch football because the players look nice? No.
11. Do you think pink is a good colour for bedrooms? Hell No.
12. Would it be nice if your boyfriend was more interested in handbags? No. Not at all.
13. Is your biggest monthly expense clothes, make-up and accessories? No. Food.
14. Do you know what the "OC" in The O.C. stands for? Um... I've never watched the show but doesn't it mean Orange County? That's not big trivia... it's obvious. Therefore, not exclusively girly information.
15. Can you text and talk at the same time? No. I don't text.
16. Do you know who Brad, Johnny and George refer to? Who? Pitt, Depp, and Clooney? That's just because I'm a movie buff. Again, not exactly girly.
17. Do you know what your exact hair colour is (ie. Clairol no. 52)? Nope.
18. Do you have an emergency manicure set in your handbag? Nope. I don't even have a handbag.
19. Have you ever been in a circle of girls jumping and squealing in delight? Can't say that I have.
20. When a friend breaks up with her boyfriend, do you go around to her place with ice cream and a movie? I guess, but I bring a bottle of wine and a shoot-em-up movie.
21. Do you have more handbags than necessary? Nope.
22. Do you hate wearing runners unless you're going to the gym? No?
23. Do you have more than 3 lipglosses in your handbag? No.
24. Do you buy something because of its colour? No?
25. Do you know all the characters (both male and female) in Sex and the City? *sigh* The main ones anyway.
26. Do you wear your sunglasses on the top of your head so people can see your eyes? Not for that reason, so no. I wear them on top of my head when I'm inside because I don't have a bag to put them in.
27. Have you always worn make-up when going out (even in the past)? No.
28. Do you go to the beauticians more than twice a month? No. I've never been.
29. Do you watch soap operas religiously? Nope.
30. Do you know what a pashmina is? A what?

Okay, so technically, I have 4/30 which means I am 13% girly. But I maintain the first two are technicalities and just the result of me being smart, and since the third is only half relevant, I'd give it a half point. I am guilty of the Sex and the City bit, but that's all fiestychele's fault and I don't even go out of my way to watch it anymore. I concede to 1.5/30. Therefore Shelby is 5% girly, which sounds about right by my count.

Elton John gets progressively scarier as he ages. Continues to make the alarming open-mouthed face.

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