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oh prettiness or something...

it's a beautiful day and at the same day it's hideous because once again I'm on the path to being forced into something I dont want to do. Plus, I really wish Ian was still here. For the quick recap(that really isn't all that quick), a new paragraph for grammar will indeed save us all.

Due to the unfortunate incident prior to my leaving I was not very inclined to write anything except for in my regular journal. However I left a whole day late which angered me severely. Not only that, but my father took a whole day to get up there when it should only take 10-13 hours but nooo... so we got there a whole two days late and I was required to phone Ian from a stupid restaurant to inform him that I would, in point of fact, be a whopping two days late. Not only was I late but I was ugly, for my braids were falling out. I had my friend put my entire head in braids and I looked like a jamaican, not to mention I had one large pimple that refused to go away. Arf. However, I got up there and things were simply heavenly. I went over to his house and his dog let me in and he was standing right there waiting for me. Thus began the best two weeks of my life. I discovered that no, he did not cheat on me. He was drunk and did a little 2 minute kiss thing with someone and his friends told him that he did a lot more and yeah, him being drunk didn't remember. He opened up to me more than before, he tells me everything. We went out for coffee three times a day and I got to meet most, if not all, of his friends. We watched the sun sat, sat at the lake, took walks down the beach, cuddled and watched movies. I walked over to his house and got blisters, lol. It was worth it though. We watched the planes take off and land on the lake, it was really neat. His fam met my fam and they talked and got along. Ian and I went fishing with my fam and were the only ones to catch anything. Yippity Skippity. Then it was decided that he could come back home with me for a week! And that deserves another paragraph!

It was really cool being able to see the world through his eyes. Walking along the Keckabeka Waterfall together, finding a true love rock on the shore of Lake Superior when we were skipping rocks, going through the big cities and having him be all, "holy shit that's big!" He says that he loves my country and wants to move here. I think he should. We went to Noah's Ark and it was the shit. For one, because I got to run around with him while he was in a swimsuit for an entire day and that Ian kid is a sexy bitch. Him and his little six pack that he doesnt even work for. heh heh heh. The kid has the perfect skater body and the perfect everything else. We wont go there though. But then my mom had to go all psycho-bitch and send him home a day early which was really mean. I cried. I still miss him but we had so much fun on our double date with carmen and chris - even though I have a bruise from when I was raped by the chair at the movie theater. It wouldn't have happend if Ian hadn't stuck runts down my pants! Arf! But it's all good because I got him back and I threw one at Carmen and it got stuck in her bra. =] But he's home now. And I'm all sad. But hes supposed to be back in mid-late July.

However, I have a family reunion to get prepared for and since we are leaving in about 3 hours and I have nothing ready, I really should get at it.

I need a phone card.
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