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Once again, when I should be doing other things...

WHOROSCOPE: Someone known for to be self-centered will make a very generous offer.

*facepalm* Um, Whoroscope? Plz for to be never writing like this again, 'cause it totally takes the magic out of it. There's no better way to slap someone in the face with, "Hey! These are written by kooks!" than to let a typo like that go all day without being changed. Also, I doubt it1.

Sekkrit Snaps Cup Meme. Do me plz. I need validation like a mothafucka.
HP Friending Meme.

Happy Birthday, truffle_shuffle!!! ♥ By the way, are you aware you share your birthday with Isaac Hanson? *nods*

Further proof that ack_attack f*cking ROCKS MY FANDOM SOCKS OFF. HI RES OotP pics OMGZWOW!

Also, who wants in on the Harry Potter Weekend, 'cause I know I doooo!

First clips of OotP in the vid. *squeebounce*

ETA: HEE! blyssfulchaos, FTW!

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Tags: bday, blatant acts of procrastination, hp, memes, whoroscope, your dumb is showing
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