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Grint before Grawp, baby.

Seriously, someone make me a snarktastic icon that says that, will you? It's like "Prose before hos" but way better.

So I was supposed to work until four, but one of my managers happened to put his arm around my shoulders and some of his skin came in contact with my scalding hot throat... and he sent me home 'cause momma's got a fever. Other than that though, I'm feeling better. I think I might actually go for some solid, non-starch-y food today! Dare I say it, maybe a vegetable or two... in the form of V8. But whatever! Who cares! It's progress!

One thing I have made absolutely no progress on... my editing test. Which I will be attacking... now. Hopefully I won't have costume lab tonight so I can work dilligently on it until I either get an aneurysm from the bad or go to sleep. Whichever.

What I have done:
  1. Got Caught up on Flist
  2. Did research for White Model
  3. Got Sidetracked
  4. Got material for the next Oh Whatever segment.

I can't say that last one often or loud enough.

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