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Two things...

The first order of business will be in Big!Font 'cause it's AWESOME, and I would hate for you all to forget what a big HP fangirl I really am inside.

1st OotP Poster!

In terms of this movie, and another reason for big font:
Instead we have Michael Goldenberg, and thank the sweet baby Jesus. You have no idea how long I've wanted Kloves out of my fandom. Anyway, Goldenberg is a playwright and is also co-adapting Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are with some guy from Illinois, but I'm still SO EXCITED FOR THAT MOVIE 'cause Spike Jonze is directing it, bitches!

On the subject of directing though, I'm kind of worried about OotP because who the hell is this David Yates character? Has he seriously never directed a full-length feature before? Is this a joke? Are they kidding me? Please, someone... put my fears at rest. I don't know that I can wait until Friday for the trailer.

Second on the agenda is me sharing my lmfao @ faithlynnteh_flatmate. She just called me on her way home from work to tell me about the new Snoop Dogg song. This is funny for a couple reasons, a) she's white as sour cream and from Omaha b) it's "I'm in Love with a Stripper backlash from Snoop Dogg." Anyone who enjoys trashy hip-hop has heard the song I'm in Love with a Stripper. Well, apparently, admitting openly that you love a stripper in gangsta circles means you clearly ain't no pimp. Which, logically, being in love with a stripper isn't a very pimpish thing to do 'cause you can't have her. She isn't yours. If you're a pimp, you can be in love with a ho... but whatever. Snoop is puttin' all the wannabizzles in their place...izzles.

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