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Spoke too soon!

Well, the sickness has made a comeback. I am not pleased.

Whatever. My assignments are done. I'll do some more work on my editing test tonight. I'm just... not going anywhere other than this couch, my bed, and the bathroom. If you need me, I'll be reading Calvin and Hobbes and drowning in self pity.

In related news, there is further proof that dogs really are a man's best friend! It's technically old news, but my dad just told me that dogs can be trained to sniff and sense cancer before machines can pick it up. Did you know? Clearly, sbryan, dogs rule and cats drool. You don't hear about cats saving people from fatal illnesses, do you?

In other news, hello devine_sire! Welcome to ye olde flist. Sorry I didn't reply in e-mail form, but the computer kind of hurts my sick, sad eyes. Here, however, is the song you requested.
  • Do Right(Acoustic) by Jimmie's Chicken Shack [download]

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