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I am calm, for it is morning.

I just want to state for the record that I completed not two, not three, but four whole chapters in my IDL course yesterday. Yes. Yes, I did. Somehow, there is still work to do. I feel slightly better about it today.

I hope, and I realize that this is entirely masochistic, to have three more done by the end of the day. That will put me at the top of chapter 15, which is simply a continuation of 14. The only thing after chapter 15 is the Final Exam and then I am done.

*inhale* Once this is over with, I am going to veg the hell out. I will also stop being such a bad f-lister! Oh, and you can bet your sweet little bottom I'll be playing Warcraft III by the end of this weekend. I'll let ye who care know where I am in battlenet.

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