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Editorial Assignments are Dangerous Things.

So, I have further proof that I am not a good human being.

We're doing an assignment that involves manipulating TV commercials, and creating a 30 second clip that has a completely different meaning. So what do I come up with? Child Slavery.

That's right. In fact, the recipe is as follows.

Recipe for an Inappropriate Advertisment

  • 1 Shelby, slightly annoyed
  • 1 BMW commercial
  • 1 American Express commercial
  • 1 Infomercial on Adult ADD
  • 1 Web MD clip
  • 1 Online Army Ad

Just add Final Cut Pro.

And voila! Approximately 45 minutes later you will have a posessed/vaguely retarded 4-year-old albino girl in barn being sold to some guy for an unknown quantity of money. I am not entirely without a soul, however... because I plucked a stop sign out of the ADD infomercial, and put in a voice clip saying "Don't do this to friends and loved ones. Instead, give an American Express gift card." So you see, it all works out in the end. I'll probably upload it onto YouTube when I'm finished.

... I need a vacation. Clearly.

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