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Some drunken tidbits...

I would so totally do Hugo Weaving if he kept the V gear on. The mask is paramount. Not that Hugo Weaving isn't a fine person, and a wonderfully talented actor... but he's also older than my mother and not the most handsome of fellows. In fact, just about every time I think of him my mind immediately kicks up the image of him contorting his brow (and his prodigious forehead) into at least 8 different highly defined lines of rage and age. Thanks, Matrix series.

Also, I can't remember which one of you said it... but whoever on my flist said that hamburgers are the hangover prevention agent of wonder, you're totally right. *takes a generous bite of cheeseburger*

Oh, my. I love that film. And being wholly irresponsible with my time. Ah, well. There's always tomorrow... until the 15th, that is. Then disaster. Speaking of disaster... I'm not getting even remotely half of my comment notifications, and it's very distressing. Now is not the time to dwell on such things. Now is the time to celebrate whiskey and pointy, stabbity revolution.

My ear is bleeding again, but in a completely different location. What the hell?

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