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bust out the Alice Cooper...

I am officially a senior!!! Today was the last day of school... woo! Tomorrow i'm going to the Noah's Ark waterpark with my posse and we're just gonna go insane. wooooo!!! ..schools out fo' summa'!...

What kind of ANGEL are you?

Quiz made by Angela

yeah... if only i was beautiful in real life. Well, you can't have 'em all i guess. yeah, tomorrow is Ian's prom and for two days I thought I was gonna go. But i dont have the money. gawd, this world sucks. plus, i dont think i'd be able to get back in time without my parents finding out I left, and I'm already grounded... bastards. My mom re-grounded me for taking a freaking bike ride. ugh...

Mum n dad are leaving this weekend and I have the car! bwah aha ha! So i'm supposed to be grounded... I havent followed it yet and I dont plan on starting now. Anne of Green Gables is playing tomorrow night at 7:30. I might go. Just for the crap of it. I get another paycheck in 11 days... I need it now. So many things I want to do...and now I finally have the time. Then again, the next two weeks my work schedule is murder but i'm gonna have one hell of a paycheck after that. I'm going up to canada in two weeks... god.. hurry up.

Schools . out . for . summer . - | - party in the parking lot.
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