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Oh whatevarrrrr.

This article is bogus. It was linked under "Paris has a new... girlfriend?!" Um, what? Just because a girl leaves a bogus party with another girl, that does not make her a lesbian. It also does not imply that they "hooked up." Mmmk? They probably just went to snort a line of coke and paint their fingernails red1.

In other news, I am on chapter 8 of my IDL course now. Only 5 more to go, bitches! Unfortunately, I need that damn book. So, I'm skipping ahead to chapter 10 since I own a copy of In Cold Blood, and then I'll conquer Hiroshima, and I'll probably leave the Steinbeck and Hemingway for last because I hate them more than I hated the ending of last night's LOST ep.

In other news, my cousin's coming up tomorrowwwwwww! *le flail*

1 My, my... that was offensive, wasn't it? I am in a mood today. I'm not going to fix it or apologize, I just wanted you all to know that yes, I am fully aware of how inappropriate and insensitive I can be at times.

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What American accent do you have?
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