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I can't believe they killed Eko and brought in a Shannon replacement! For God's sake, keep the characters we love, and develop their backstories before bringing in new people. I don't even know why those extras are growing their damn parts. A) We don't need a LOST-mione. B) She's not that smart, guys. C) Even Sayid and Locke think she's bullshit.

And seriously?!?! Sayid is back so... where are Jin and Sun?! Did they seriously trek all the way back before the funeral, back across the island of reported disconnect?! Why aren't established characters JIN and SUN trecking along on this hatch-a-thon instead of Irritable Golf Boy and Princess Exposition? Also, Did they explain to Desmond how they lost the sailboat?

Also, how long has it been since we've seen that damn smogmonster? I'd almost forgotten about it. You'd almost forgotten about it. Yet, they bring it back, out of the blue, and kill Eko after the whole of last episode was all about Locke's need to saaaaaave him. These writers are clearly floundering. Flounder flounder flounder. Look at them go.

Well, it's Sweeps Week! Better write out the last black character on the island. Rose better watch out, 'cause I don't think Walt and Michael are coming back.

I can almost predict what will happen next. Jack won't operate on Benry 'cause he wants him to writhe. Benry will retaliate by trying to shoot Kate or Sawyer. Jack will obviously not be able to watch them die or be tortured, so he'll agree to operate. He will, however, be eyeing Muffin Cake as she gives him the "DEATH TO BENRY" eyes. He'll be sweating, then he'll turn around and breath out a deep huff, fight back tears, terse up his lips, and fix Benry so he can kill him later. At this point, the Others are the only real plotline, and sorry... but they're kind of lame.

Evidently, there's an "emotional cliffhanger" before the break in the season. So my prediction? It's got something to do with Sawyer or Sun and her baby. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If they kill Sawyer, I'm out.

I'm so pissed. I can't even. I really liked Eko, and there was no reason for him to die. I loved his relationship with both Locke and Charlie. He was such a cool, gentle giant. Oh, and a total badass. Requiscat en pace, Eko.

I think I'm starting to dislike this show. I never thought that would've been possible. I've heard some buzz, and I would totally understand if J.J. leaves after this season, but I'm not sure if he's the problem or if the writers really are just ADD kids with a TV show.

ETA: I love that my flist is basically rioting right now. Damon, J.J., you done pissed off the wrong crowd, I tell you what.

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