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beware the apple juice

no idea what color this is. I just hope it isnt completely revolting. It's been a really long time since I've written in here and I've been through a lot. Bouts of paranoia, some hilarious moments, and some rather odd experionces. But hey, that's all part and partial of the growing up gig isn't it? let me tell ya'll about it. </font></font>

I got an +A on my playing exam. yay.</font>

Syttende Mai was fun. Pretty soon I'll have pictures and a few videos on my website from it. Heh, we had way too much fun. I feel badly for Jon though. Becky dumped him and now he has a DWI and can't drive for 3 months. I miss him too, I havent really talked to him much lately seeing as I dont know his new number and he never calls me. Bah. We had fun on saturday though. He gave me like 4 really big hugs and picked me up and carried me around for awhile. Have a little video of that, and a picture. Then Karissa started a vicious rumor that I wasn't wearing any underwear so Fruity kidnapped me and took me over by the Deerfield crew and then I learned about apple juices' second meaning. ewwwww. Then I was velcro raped and stuff. damn, i miss hanging out with jon. </font>

No idea what this color is either but it's just going to have to do. I'm so sick of school. I really want it just to be over. I have no form of motivation whatsoever. My Trigonometry grade has pretty much gone to pot. I dont think i'll be getting my B+ back and I really dont care. I hate math. I'm also really getting annoyed by this Thunder Cats episode. Grrrrr. I miss Ian and I want to go to canada. Blah.

yeah well I'm a little saddened by the fact that half of my friends are graduating on friday. I'm gonna cry. I want to go with them because I dont want to be here any more than they do. ANd they're my friends! THey cant freakin leave! Especially Holly, I guess I'll just have to keep her here on the five year plan. blah. I'm getting all irritated because my mom'll be home soon and I dont want her to be and I'm getting bored and stuff. I just wanna get the hell out of here. Bah. I wish someone would freakin call me.
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