Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex

B e L i K e T h A t

OMGGGG! THIS SONG! IS GOING TO GET ME IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! It came on the radiooooo and like, i started laughing and screaming and omg-ing and stuff and i think imma be grounded cuz its liek 11:30.! AHA! I LOVE IAN! ` butterflies. ehe ehe ehe.! now i'm all giggly.! He is male perfection. and he's MINE! ` greedy. I am so undeserving, how i managed to get with him, i dont know. but i love himmmm.! endlesslyyyy.!!! fanatically! relentlessly.! obsessively.! My sexy bitch.! wo0 wo0.! Ice green eyes...` swoon. Man of my dreammzzz. Fine, i admit, i am totally whipped. Head over heals even though that isnt humanely possible.! How could i not?!? Male perfection, sweet, fun, comical, flirty, shy[wo0o0o0o0o], trustworthy, lovable, cuddly, beautiful.! ` swooooon
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