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And now for the afternoon report!


Today, I'm going as a Lass of Erin, or a Daughter of Ire. Whichever you pick. What? Can't you tell? I'm eating a potato. Ahahahaha. Mmmm, there's nothing quite like perpetuating cultural stereotypes in the afternoon.

Seriously, though. I stole a baked potato from work and it's seriously almost too big for my plate. I'm kind of disturbed, but I've never met a potato I couldn't devour in its entirity. This one might give me a run for the money I didn't spend. Whatever. Tonight's work-out night anyway.

Does it feel like Halloween to you? It doesn't to me. Faith and I were invited to celebrate the festivities and ... whatever, it's a Tuesday. We've got homework, and class in the morning, I don't want candy, I definitely don't want to put my costume back on (even though it rocked), and getting drunk at this point in the game would be a really bad idea. Hell, academically speaking, updating my livejournal at this particular juncture is a really bad idea. I guess some of us just can't be taught.

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