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Holy fuck, Weeds!

Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?! How dare that be the finale! So much has gon down. I can't even process it, so I'll come back to it later. I'll just say that I totally can't believe it, and I don't know if I can survive this much suspense until 2007.

So, correct me if I'm wrong but the breakdown is as follows:
  • Shane: on his way to Paraguay with Little Miss Crazygonuts.
  • Silas: is about to get arrested for stealing civic property, and possibly for having an entire harvest of marijuana in his trunk.
  • Andy: is riding with Abumchuck to try and find Shane.
  • Nancy: as 5 guns, two of which are fully automatic, pointed at her head.
  • Conrad: is somehow not having guns pointed at him.
  • Peter: is ded from Armenian. Jesus Christ.
  • Sanje: is still in the closet.
  • Celia: is drunk, psychotic, and clearly way to obsessed with her anti-drug campaign. Nevertheless, her going after Silas is ridiculous, but she will probably get sued for theft (of the gun) and for firing it in Nancy's house (if Nancy lives to tell the tale, which she has to, come on!)
  • Dean: is in danger of being spat on by Doug.
  • Isabelle: is still a lesbian who thinks her mother is Voldemort. (BWAAHAHAHAAAA, by the way.)
  • Quinn: still not present.
  • Doug: is stradling Dean, and not leaving his wife for Celia.
  • Heylia: is definitely responsible for Doug's death, which makes her way more hardcore than I thought.

Is there anything I missed? Either way, that's a whole lot of crap to deal with in a finale. These writers clearly don't believe in resolution. *scowl*

Me, I really can't begin to imagine how Nancy is going to get out of this. I bet it'll have something to do with Sanje, but it really worries me. Whatever. She has to, because you can't kill the main character. You could, theoretically, shoot her and send her to the hospital but she simply cannot die.

Keeping Nancy in mind, I have a question. Clearly Nancy mailed in the marriage certificate. So she and Peter were married, and I doubt they had a will... so does that mean she is entitled to half, or all of his posessions? Anybody?

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