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O Kay.

It's motherfucking crunch time. I have 17 days to finish the last 7 chapters of my IDL course, and that's on top of working and my regular homework.

I really, really wish I had my marvelous anti-vertigo pills. Seriously, they are the hyper-focus-inducing manna from heaven! I just... *whew.* I have to batten down the hatches, folks. I'm probably going to go into some form of lockdown. Must focus. Must work. Must complete. Pressure's on, procrastination is (or damn well better be) over.

Yep. Go time. *dives*

My goal for tonight... write up the essays for chapter 5, and do the readings for the next chapter.
  1. Write Discussion 1 (11:24 p.m.)
  2. Write Discussion 2 (11:28 p.m.)
  3. Write Discussion 3 (11:33 p.m.)
  4. Write Discussion 4 (11:40 p.m.)
  5. Write Essay (1,150 words, done at 12:50 p.m.)
  6. Readings (Tomorrow, omfg.)

Tomorrow morning I have to go to whitemodel lab, and then I have to go to SJMC Lab and rent a camera, take some solid footage, and go to VisJay (which I am most emphatically not looking forward to, but Professor Doofus isn't punishing me for skipping class so I really owe it to him to suck up a bit). During any and all spare time I will be finishing anything I didn't get read, and writing up the essays for chapter 6. Oi.

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