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Yay Scotland! Picspam #1

So, I've been wanting to do a manflesh picspam for awhile. It's been a long, long time... and after watching the Last King of Scotland I decided I should pay tribute to James McAvoy. That got my gears turning, and I thought to myself, "Hey! There are a lot of hot people coming out of Scotland. So! This is the first in a Five-Part Series entitled, "Yay, Scotland!"

Yay, Scotland!

Part One

James McAvoy

Welcome. You will be glad you came.

Are you ready for it?

'Cause I'm ready to start.

Okay, I'll back up.

You. Want me. To take off my clothes.

Well, I think I can oblige you.

Just... no talking.

(...I wonder where to start.)

(...I have to make this special.)


Okay, are we ready to have fun?

Arse! Me arse!

And yes, I am man enough to wear a kilt to Fashion Awards.

Did I catch ye peekin' up me kilt?

Might I remind you that I am a respectable man who reads to children?

I am, but I do like to climb things.



Okay, all this climbing has made me tired.

Why don't I just take off my shirt?

Okay! We good? Great!

If you wanna see him nakie, go see The Last King of Scotland. It's worth it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

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