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i got my echinacea!

wow. today was a good day. I left school because I got fairly well sick of it and I had a headache so I just decided to leave. I then proceeded to sleep from about 12 until 5 which was much needed and now it's around 11 pm and I cant sleep. However I hear a miraculous thunderstorm outside that is beckoning me to lala land...

I love Ian.

yesterday I impaled my leg with my band pin. I didnt really mean to. It was pretty darn hilarious though. I had it stuck on the bottom part of my capris because when I recieved it I had nowhere to put it so I clamped it onto my pants and then forgot about it. And I figured I was safe because it had the back protector thingie. Well, unfortunately for moi it poked through the back and went into my leg about a half a centimeter or more. It didnt hurt, but now I have a hole in my leg and I think it's hilarious.

I have been impaled.

Then we had the soccer game. We won 5 to 0. I dislocated my shoulder. Wheee! The trainer says I should invest in a lace up ankle brace. Nahh. I met a lot of Tosha's friends yesterday. Jon kind of attacked me which was unexpected seeing as i'm fairly sure that he really kind of dislikes me or has simply forgotten I exist. I met her friend Chris who was pretty cool. He reminds me a lot of Ian. Yeah, he's kind of a cutie. We all climbed a tree. Woo! And i'm awesome at the art of woo shoe! That would be where I see a robin, and kick my sandal at it in an attempt to hit it for entertainment. lights just flashed. I hope the wheat thins aren't still in the tree.

I love Ian!

He called me tonight and we had some really spiffed out convos. We actually really talked quite a bit. He went all sappy on me too it was so sweet. I wish I would have recorded it. He kept telling me he loved me and that he didnt understand why I waste my time on him and that he'd die for me and he kept telling me, "Don't ever leave me." It was so sweet and I'm smiling and I really feel quite jubilant. He says he wont go to prom unless I go with him and he's already been asked by 4 girls. Erin is afraid of me because she thinks i'm going to beat her up. She's actually leaving when I come up there out of fear. That's hilarious. Be like, "You bes check yo'self befo' you wreck yo'self! mmmhmm!!!" He's also quitting smoking for me and stuff. He told me that I am different from any girlfriend he's ever had. I'm the only one he really gets along with without having to try, i'm the only one that hasn't tried to change him, i'm the only one that has supported him in his decisions, i'm the only one that hasn't got jealous when he's around his friends or has friends that are female, and he told me i'm the best thing that has ever happened to him and that he'd die for me and do anything I bid him do. Which leads me to the conclusion that you keep a boy by letting him be free and eventually he wants to be your slave. Told me that if I never wanted him to go uptown again, he wouldnt. Also that if he ever moves too fast i should just smack him and tell him to slow down. I feel really special and kind of important. and... just loved. =]
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