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Ooookay, so my car does need new spark plugs, which it's getting as we speak. It also could use a new distributor cap (wtf, don't ask me 'cause I don't know), but that little fix-up would bump the cost up to somewhere in the realm of 300 bucks. So that's a no go, especially since my father can get the part for 50, and slap it on himself when I come home for Thanksgiving. He says he might even send me the part and have me do it, which I think is a bad, bad idea.

There are some things I can fix, and those are almost strictly relegated to low fluids, low battery, and flat tires. I can even put electrical tape on broken hoses! Beyond that, I'm out of my league.

Anyway, my car will probably be finished and all ready to roll in about 10 minutes, but I won't be able to pick it up until tomorrow, 'cause no bus can get me over there before they close and alas, I have no one to take me. *sigh*

Luckily, I called Susan to see if we have costume shop tonight, aaaaaand we don't. [SCORE!] I'm really glad I called instead of shelling out 2 bucks and a half an hour to get there only to turn right back around. Now I can start reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and getting even more work done on this IDL course. Hoo-ray!

Speaking of work though, everyone and their dog wanted Famous Dave's catering today. I did not sit down for more than 10 minutes, and every single one of our customers was batshit crazy, no exaggeration. I had a guy walk out with our bucket of sauce packets. Just took it out from underneath the counter and walked away with it while some elderly woman was asking anyone and everyone in the room why we don't have handicap parking, even though we do. Yeah. Batshit crazy. I'm still a little testy. Ah well, it is Thursday.

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