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That don't make no sense.

I just got a pop-up for "household cleansing," and there were pictures of soap, a snazzy Kone vacuumn, aaaand diamond earrings? Can someone explain to me how diamonds cleanse the house? I'm dying to know.

In other news, I feel so much better today! I feel well rested, the sun is shining, and I am famished. I really want a custard danish and a pumpkin spice latte. =/ I might have to make that happen. I also might have to get cheetos and sour cream and play Warcraft III because I have a craving. Impulse is my middle name. Did you know?

Speaking of impulse, I'm going to create a meme! I don't really care whether it catches on like wildfire, or bites the dust here in this very entry... but it's been cooking in my mind and here it goes!

Personality Association Meme!

Based on what you have read in my livejournal(my writing style, the topics I write about, what you have learned of me through my writing), pick a celebrity/character whose personality you associate with me. Anything goes, from TV to film to books... even fanfiction. Then comment with their name, a picture (if available), and why you associate me with this person!

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